A Workshop on ‘Global Business Management and Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship’

The Department of Entrepreneurship organized a three day workshop  for the students of Masters of Entrepreneurship program titled “Global Business Management and Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship” on November 13th to15 thatHibiscus Beach Hotel. The objective of the program was to learn how and why organizations have started their global activities, the skills and resources this demands and the wins and losses the organizations have experienced in their international efforts. The program was mainly focused on practical aspects of internationalization of Sri Lankan organizations. The program also furnished the students with the chances to test their own team work, negotiation and other social skills as well as the opportunity to assess their own and their colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses in challenging situations.

The program was conducted by Senior Advisor, Adjunct Professor Arvo Juhani Nieminen of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland.The role of Europe and Finland in today’s world in connection with entrepreneurship and business, change and its effects on entrepreneur,and learning as a business strategy were explained by Dr. Juhani at the Event. Further, he had an in-depth discussion with students on ‘what it is and how it may help the entrepreneur in the quickly changing environment’.

Dr. Juhaniholds a PhD (Tampere University), LicEd (Tampere University), MA (Joensuu University), BA (Savonlinna language institute), BS Institute of Marketing, Helsinki), Teacher’s training (Haaga-Helia UAS), Degree Programs in Management, Special Pedagogy, Certificate Programs in various languages, export marketing and computer sciences.

Dr. Juhani also has served as a visiting professor at several universities in the US, European and Asian countries and he is an Adjunct Professor at two Indian universities.

His excellent experience which spans over 40 years as an academic as well as a journalist, translator/interpreter and manager, director in Exports field and Marketing field also contributed for the success of the program.

Lecturers of the Department of Entrepreneurship were also participated in this event.


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