FMSC Mission:

To be the prime center of excellence in Management Education in South Asia;

We are committed to shaping the minds and hearts while strengthening the hands of value-centered future leaders who will make a global impact


FMSC Core Values:

We are committed to pursuing the mission of the FMSC which embodies the following six core values that are aligned with the vision of the university.

  1. Wisdom:

Encouraging the best use of knowledge and experience to make sound decisions and exercise good judgment while being wise in conduct

  1. Morality:

Inculcating ethical and moral values while developing a profound character informed by reason, intuition, heart, and spirit

  1. Excellence:

Fostering a culture of commitment to achieve the highest standards and deliver results beyond expectations

  1. Diversity:

Accommodating diverse voices and multiple perspectives while ensuring serious and disciplined behavior that commands equality and respect for others

  1. Accountability:

Holding oneself accountable for one’s own actions to have a sense of responsibility with unreserved commitment

  1. Freedom of Intellectual Thought:

Nurturing  minds by promoting academic freedom, creativity, innovation, critical inquiry, and intellectual discourse