English Day 2016 – Come out of The Shell : Make Waves


Come out of The Shell : Make Waves

An English day is a platform for the students to get the expected exposure in the English language

as they get an opportunity to showcase their talents in writing, singing, acting, dancing as well as organising events.

The English Day 2016 was held on October 31, 2016 from 5.00pm on wards At the Munasinghe Hall.

This English Day 2016 was organized by the Business Communication Unit with 1st year students, to provide a much needed platform for each of them coming from all walks of life and different levels of exposure towards English language, to interact with each other while overcoming the fear of this link language. The performances enacted on stage by means of song, dance and drama during the English Day, not only builds confidence but also lays the foundation for students to take part in extra curricular activities throughout their university life.
For this glamorous evening, The Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Sampath Amaratunge together with the Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce Dr. U. Anura Kumara, in addition to all lecturers of the faculty were invited. The teachers of the Business Communication Unit (BCU) as well as the Coordinator of the English Language and Teaching Unit also participated to encourage students.
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