Business Economics was introduced as an area of specialization to the B.Sc. Business Administration Degree Programme at the Department of Business Administration in the year 1995. Due to unprecedented demand it earned, it was developed into the B.Sc. Business Administration (Business Economics) (Special) degree in 2002, a four year fully-fledged degree programme offered by the Department of Business Economics of the FMSC, which is currently one of the pioneering degree programmes of this nature in the university system in Sri Lanka.

The degree programme which is specifically designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the area of Economics directly relevant to the businesses, aims to develop undergraduates according to the industry requirements of both the fields, Management and Economics.

The successful completion of this degree programme provides the undergraduates with a firm base in economic theory and skills in management which enable them to perform better in the decision making process in any organization. The Department facilitates the development of the undergraduates’ skills in research, analysis, communication, team work and decision making in order to enhance personal, social and national development.

Currently the department is staffed with one (1) Senior Professor in Business Economics, thirteen (13) Senior Lecturers, one (1) Lecturer, four (4) Probationary Lecturers, and two (2) Temporary Assistant Lecturers.

The Business Economics Students’ Association (BIZCON) established in the year 2003 promotes interpersonal relationships among the students and academic staff to achieve the objectives of the Department.  One of the outstanding activity initiated by BIZCON since the year 2011 is the Annual Drama Festival. The Department of Business Economics formed the Alumni Association in the year 2007 to maintain relationships with its present and past students, some of whom already hold significant positions in the corporate and government sector. The SLJBE is a peer-reviewed journal annually published by the Department of Business Economics. It serves as a forum for the dissemination of knowledge and understanding of business economics and related disciplines. The department obtained the membership of Sri Lanka Forum of University of Economists (SLFUE) which is a network of all Departments and Units of Economics within the Sri Lankan state university system in 2012.


Our Direction


“Prosper lives through learning”


We exist to
Create and disseminate knowledge for the prosperity

Strategic Intension

“To contribute to society through the creation of citizens excelled in the fields of Management and Economics, who would in turn become outstanding Managers, Economists, Scholars and Policymakers.”

Top Story

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Guest Lecture on “Starting an E- Business”

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Sri Lankan Journal of Business Economics VOLUME 08 – 2019

Sri Lankan Journal of Business Economics (SLJBE) Vol. 08-1 (2019 May) Cover Page and Preliminaries Sri Lankan Journal of Business Economics (SLJBE) Vol. 08-1 (2019 May) Article 01 Sri Lankan Journal of Business Economics (SLJBE) Vol. 08-1 (2019 May) Article … Continued


Our Values

We direct the students to align with the values of the university.

The core values of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura are as follows.

Universal loving kindness and compassion

We let our thoughts of boundless love and compassion pervade the whole world among all living beings without any obstruction, hatred and enmity and ensure fairness.

Preserving national heritage

We protect and promote indigenous knowledge and practices, while preserving and nurturing national heritage we protect and promote cultural identity and values.

Freedom of intellectual thought and creativity

We value a university environment where there is academic freedom, creativity, innovation, critical inquiry and intellectual discourse.      

Performance excellence

We maintain a continuous improvement in our academic standing, productivity and the public image through creation and dissemination of knowledge of the highest quality in order to be the best among competitors.

Accountability and social responsibility

We hold responsibility for maximum sustainable utilization of all resources while achieving performance excellence to uplift the lives of the Sri Lankan population