The Department has established network with industry and institutes such as Central Bank of Sri Lanka and Colombo Stock Exchange. Apart from that many private and public sector organizations are well in touch to absorb the graduates produced by the department. Further it is in the process of improving the industry links to facilitate the graduates to have better opportunities in prospering their career.

The graduates produced by the department have excellent employment opportunities, especially in the areas of Economic Policy and Regulation, Business Analysis, Business Planning, Research and Consulting in the job market: government, semi-government and private sector organizations. As the programme covers broader and functional areas of both Economics and Management, the graduates can easily assume the roles as economists, business analysts, research consultants, financial analysts, policy makers and managers in their respective fields.

The target job market is government and semi-government organizations, economic and business research institutions, the central bank, commercial banks, investment and merchant banks, finance companies, stock brokering companies, insurance companies, manufacturing entities, international and multinational business organizations and project-based organizations.