Colouring Smiles 2019: Annual CSR Project of Department of Business Economics

“Colouring Smiles” is the Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project organized by the Business Economics Students’ Association (BIZCON), Department of Business Economics with the aim of providing educational facilities to underprivileged schools in Sri Lanka. “Colouring Smiles 2019” was successfully … Continued

Mr. Niluka Pamesh wins the Most Famous Mobile Photography Award at SAVISKARA

Mr. Niluka Pamesh, a second year undergraduate of the Department of Business Economics won the Most Famous Mobile Photography Award at the inter-university photography competition organized under “Saviskara”, the talent and technological show of the Faculty of Technology, University of … Continued

Guest Lecture on “National Thalassaemia Prevention”

A guest lecture on “National Thalassaemia Prevention” was conducted by Mr. Sudarshana Keerthirathna with the collaboration of National Thalassaemia Committee, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka on 31st July 2019 under the course BEC 2045: Career Development Training.  Mr. Sudarshana Keerthirathna is … Continued

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