About B.Sc. Degree (Sp)

The curriculum of the B. Com. Degree provides a carefully blended subject combination in Economics, Accountancy, Management, Decision Sciences and Commercial Law.  The curriculum has recently been revised to lay a broad and sound foundation for students to pursue professional careers and more advanced study in Commerce and Management.

Degree Programme News

Deepest sympathy in regards to the demise of Prof Hema Wijewardena

The department of commerce wishes to express its deepest sympathy in regards to the death of Prof. Hema Wijewardena, who was to be the first Head of the Department of Commerce.


Primary Point Of Contact


Department of Commerce
Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Other Important Info

Maximum Intake
The annual intake will be limited to *** students.
Length of the Degree Program
Four (04) Academic Years. An academic year consists of two semesters, consisting 15 weeks each.
The Curriculum Structure
120 credits covered within a period of 1800 contact hours.