The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC) of University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJP), renowned as the Center of Excellence in Management Education, is a trademark within the higher education sector of Sri Lanka. Its opulent legacy as the pioneering, leading and largest management faculty in the country has attracted the cream of the field throughout the years, creating within it a tremendous capacity for innovative and progressive teaching, learning and researching. Accordingly, the Center for Spirituality in Sustainable Business Management is an initiative of a group of academics led by the Dean of the faculty, Dr. U. Anura Kumara, to bring about what we believe would be a revolutionary learning curve in the field of management studies in Sri Lanka and beyond.

The world at present seemingly has sufficient knowledge, resources and technology to live and let live. However, despite the continued progression, people in general are constantly overwhelmed by negative feelings such as fear, anxiety, uncertainty, jealousy etc., which is in contrast to being happy and satisfied with the development that we see around us. Therefore we are compelled to acknowledge that our civilization has not been as successful in sustaining our society as we believed it to be, and that our conventional approaches to management have at one point or another, failed.

The cornerstones of sustainability have been identified to be based on ecological, social and economic integrity; and these three pillars in turn are founded on spirituality. It should be emphasized that spirituality is not religion, but a process of inner transformation which reduces our self-centeredness. It makes us more loving, compassionate, kinder, honest and tranquil beings who care about the well-being of others and the natural environment as much as our own well-being. Religions can be regarded as different pathways to achieve this goal. However, there are many non-religious science-based pathways to achieve spirituality too. We are certain that the process of creating sustainable businesses leading to a sustainable society would most definitely depend on an education which integrates management studies with spiritual awareness and inspiration.

Today there is an emerging movement around the world, especially in industrialized countries, to bring spirituality into business. Many people no longer see profit alone as the bottom line. Instead they honor a triple bottom line: a commitment to people, planet, and profit. Employees, customers and the environment are seen as important as profit. Many leading business schools are already in the process of integrating spirituality into their teaching and research programs. As the pioneering and leading Faculty for Management Education in Sri Lanka: a nation with an incredible historic backdrop of socio-economic excellence, accentuated with an undeniable sense of spirituality; we believe that we are at the best place to be. Therefore the establishment of this center is an initiative that would surely address a pressing need of our society and generation. It will be a platform for academics to learn, research and inspire the future generations of the country and the wider business community. It is an attempt to integrate management education with the essence of humanity in order to sustain our tomorrow.


To Nurture Spirituality for a Sustainable Society


To inculcate Spirituality among the wider business community to foster a Sustainable Society


“Inner Change for Outer Success.”


  • To create awareness among students and staff of the importance of Spirituality in Business Management
  • To identify opportunities and integrate Spirituality into the curricula at all levels of business studies to promote sustainable practices.
  • To undertake research on Spirituality for Sustainable Management Practices.
  • To provide consultancy for business organizations to bring about value driven business cultures.
  • To act collaboratively with overseas organizations and individuals working towards the same goals.

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