C.O.N.N.E.C.T - Spirituality for a Sustainable Society

C.O.N.N.E.C.T - Spirituality for a Sustainable Society is our attempt that shares a dose of insight that guide faculty members to rejuvenate themselves, and through them, their families - students, and the community at large. It’s a newsletter of sorts which includes two to three featured articles/research papers/videos etc. that would help the reader to learn more about our concept worth spreading.

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  • +94 112 758801
  • cssbm@sjp.ac.lk
  • www.mgt.sjp.ac.lk/cssbm


CSSBM values the inspiration and knowledge shared among those aware and who work towards developing Spirituality in Business contexts around the globe; and so we have partnered with these incredible individuals and organizations to learn, encourage and share this message of Sustainable Business Management.

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Telephone: +94 112 758801
Email: cssbm@sjp.ac.lk
Website: http://mgt.sjp.ac.lk/cssbm/

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura