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The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce has understood that Spiritual development would take us a long way. CSSBM therefore is a Catalyst for Change since it gives the exposure and space to explore, understand and begin your journey towards becoming your spiritual self – your real self. We hope that CSSBM would help us in sharing our experience and knowledge with you, while someday - hopefully, have you share it both along and with us too!

Our vision is to nurture a Sustainable Society and here's how we plan on doing it:

  • To create awareness among students and staff of the importance of Spirituality in Business Management
  • To identify opportunities and integrate Spirituality into the curricula at all levels of business studies to promote sustainable practices.
  • To undertake research on Spirituality for Sustainable Management Practices
  • To provide consultancy for business organizations to bring about value driven business cultures.
  • To act collaboratively with overseas organizations and individuals working towards the same goals.

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  • +94 112 758801


CSSBM values the inspiration and knowledge shared among those aware and who work towards developing Spirituality in Business contexts around the globe; and so we have partnered with these incredible individuals and organizations to learn, encourage and share this message of Sustainable Business Management.

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Telephone: +94 112 758801

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce
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