Public Lecture on “Spirituality and Sustainable Development: An Indigenous Knowledge Perspective” by Prof. Ulluwishewa

The National Science Foundation (NSF) invited Prof. Rohana Ulluwishewa to deliver a public lecture on “Spirituality and Sustainable Development: An Indigenous Knowledge Perspective” on 12th October 2018, at the premises of NSF.

Speaking on this topic, Prof. Ulluwishewa highlighted the concept of Spirituality and Universal Consciousness through a scientific approach, providing evidence from quantum physics and neuroscience to showcase its design, purpose, qualities and the ultimate oneness. He identified both religious and non religious pathways that leads towards this same goal and focused on its significance in creating sustainable societies. He then drew examples from indigenous communities and elaborated on how the worldview of these communities revolved around this awareness, which made them knowledgeable and most certainly sustainable. He then encouraged the audience to acknowledge this worldview as a component that is important as their knowledge since knowledge stems from this basic foundation. He mentioned that it is only then that we could gain insights to further sustainable practices of today, since Spirituality was, is and will be the ultimate solution towards development that is truly sustainable.

ITN News 2018-10-15 | 12.00 PM

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