The student association of the Department of Decision Sciences, OMSA was established in 2009 with the objective of enhancing the interaction among students of the Department of Decision Sciences. The objectives of the association are

  1. To provide welfare facilities to the members of OMSA.
  2. To build and maintain a sound relationship with the corporate sector.
  3. To encourage and facilitate students to actively participate in industrial activities.
  4. To uplift the quality and value of research and training
  5. To encourage members in involvement of community activities.

During the last five years OMSA has organized not only academic activities such as field trips and guest lecturers but also non-academic activities such as musical shows. The OMSA has created a fund to help the students to carry out various activities such as field trips and outbound training programmes. Further, the OMSA in every year donates equipment to a school in a rural village in Sri Lanka to improve the education level of that school.

Latest OMSA Projects

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