Out Bound Training Program

Department of Entrepreneurship organized an Out Bound Training Programme for its undergraduates representing second, third and fourth years from 5th to 7th August 2016. The program was held at Kithulgala, Best Life Adventure base Camp. Head, Department of Entrepreneurship, Dr. Huang Qiubo, the honorary adjunct Faculty member and the lecturers representing the Department and the Faculty participated in the event.

The program was organized in order to sharpen the leadership skills, ability of proactive thinking, creativity and innovation skills, ability of critical thinking, analytical skills, decisions making skills, conceptual skills and interpersonal skills among entrepreneurship undergraduates. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to strengthen the networking platforms between all the undergraduates and academic members of the Department.

The out bound training included activities such as white water rafting, water sliding and tracking, team building activities, trust activates , magical tuttle challenge, spider web challenge, high rope activities, blind polygon challenge, physical exercises, relaxation activities together with entertainment items such as camp fire, and fun games

Among the key learning points realizing the win-win solution for problems, developing greater interaction and better team work, developing management and compliance with set rules, developing better leadership qualities and entrepreneurship skills, responding to discontinues change, realizing and understanding business challenges, comforting their self-imposed limits and overcoming them, minimizing waste, trust in each other, self-confidence, loyalty and respecting others were prominent.