Best Practices for Designing Curriculum for Finance Degree Programs by Prof. Lalith Samarakoon

Prof. Lalith Samarakoon, one of the top initiators of the Department of Finance revisited the department on 03rd May 2017. Prof. Samarakoon is a Professor of Finance and Chair in the Department of Finance of Opus College of Business at University of St. Thomas in United States. He is also a renowned Financial Economist locally and internationally.

On his visit to the department, Professor Samarakoon conducted a special workshop on “Best Practices for Designing Curriculum for Finance Degree Programs” for the academic staff of the Department of Finance. This special session was conducted as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities of the Department.

This workshop was an immense success and the academics gathered a good knowledge on global trends in curricular developments and the expectations of the students the era of Millennial. The workshop was followed by a Q&A session on “Improvements required for SJP Finance Curriculum for next 2 decades”. This session was very interactive and the academics were given the opportunity to share and discuss their ideas and experiences on curriculum development in the department and the university as a whole.

The session was indeed a success and would be very useful to develop the prospects of the Department of Finance and the university. We thank Professor Samarakoon for contributing to the department by sharing his knowledge and experience with the members of the department. Department of Finance is planning to conduct many CPD programs like this to enhance the professionalism within the department and its members.