Firecamp 2019

The nightfall of the 23rd of August, lazed with the light of the campfire which was jubilantly held at the school ground of Handagiriya Vidyalaya, with the tremendous effort of the second year undergraduates of the Department of Finance with the adjoining hands and guidance of the third and forth year sisters and brothers.

The perfect combination of talents of our undergraduates and students of Handagiriya Vidyalaya made it a memorizing evet filled with songs, laughter and love. The games ad refreshments provided whole heatedly, was surely a new experience to the young buds, their parents and the villagers, which clearly reflected on their faces through dazzling smiles. The cumulative effort of the staff of the school and the university provided the foundation for the success of this breathtaking event, which was marked as the ending phase of Snehadhara 2019. The day finished off gloriously and elegantly with a dimming fire, but most importantly with the exhilarating bond of the Department of Finance.