Mini welcome – Espacio’ 19

Espacio 2019, the Annual Mini Welcome organized by the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) was held on 25th January 2019 at the University Main Ground to welcome the 2nd year students to the Department. Participation of the Head of the Department, other lectures and the 4th year, 3rd year, 2nd year students made the event splendour.

Event began with lighting the oil lamp followed by the welcome speech delivered by the president of SAF. Thereafter, the Head of the Department, Dr. (Ms.) P.A.N.S Anuradha who was the silent shadow behind every trial of students, addressed the gathering with motivational and valuable advices. She also stressed that the academic activities and discipline should be given the foremost priority.

The event continued with fun activities which were created to encourage and enhance students’ spirit, team work, leadership skills and many more. The unity and the brotherhood between all students of the department was revealed by the way they performed in every activity throughout the day. One of the memorable experiences of university life ended up with a glowing holly and a music event.