2008, V0l. 2, No. 1 – Sri Lankan Journal of Human Resource Management

The Sri Lankan Journal of HRM is a refereed journal published annually by the Department of HRM. It is the journal of university that devoted to the promotion of systematic and scientific research studies of the theory and practice of human resource management, particularly in Sri Lanka.


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2008, Vol. 2, No. 1

1 Transformational Management and Karma-Yoga Linkage (http://journals.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/sljhrm/article/view/123/47) 
B. Satpathy
2 The Competency Requirements for Quantity Surveyors: Enhancing Continuous Professional Development (http://journals.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/sljhrm/article/view/131/54)
M.W. Mohd Shafiei, I. Said
3 Sharing the Pie: Trade Unionism and Industrial Relations in Multinationals in Bangladesh (http://journals.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/sljhrm/article/view/132/55)
Monowar Hossain Mahmood
4 Determinants of Training and Development Practices in SMEs: A Case of Japanese Manufacturing Firms (http://journals.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/sljhrm/article/view/133/56)
Aruna Gamage, Yuri Sadoi
5 Competences as Human Assets: A Perspective (http://journals.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/sljhrm/article/view/134/57)
H.H.D.N.P. Opatha
6 Performance Appraisal System and Business Performance: An Empirical Study in Sri Lankan Apparel Industry(http://journals.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/sljhrm/article/view/135/58)
M.A.M. Hussain Ali, H.H.D.N.P. Opatha
7 Employability of Graduates of Sri Lankan Universities (http://journals.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/sljhrm/article/view/136/59)
R. G. Ariyawansa