Objective of the Degree Program

The course aims to teach fundamental Management and Information Technology concepts as well as the application of IT in business. The program has been specially designed to meet the aspirations of students who are willing and seeking a career in Management with specialization in Information Systems. In order to achieve the objectives of the degree program, it has been designed to equip graduates with theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in Management, Information Systems and Information Technology.

Graduate Profile of the Degree Program

On the successful completion of this degree program the graduate is expected to have:

  • broad theoretical and practical knowledge in information systems and management
  • skills in applying the knowledge to resolve practical issues encountered in organizational contexts
  • effective communication skills, team work skills and leadership skills to prosper in organizations
  • creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • adaptability and flexibility to dynamic organizational environments
  • good moral values and ethics
  • commitment towards continuous professional development and lifelong learning