Evaluation Policy (For those who register for the M. Phil)

There will be more than one assessment for the course and marks are awarded for continuous assessment and exams. These assessments and exam marks will be added to arrive at semester results.
Course Title: Research Methodology
Course Status: Compulsory
Contact Hours: 165 Hours
The course consists of three major sections, with two sections emphasizing on teaching of related methodology and the other section on practice.

  • Qualitative Management Research – 45 hours
  • Quantitative Management Research – 45 hours
  • Seminars in Research Methods – 30 hours
  • Advanced Statistics in Research – 45 hours

Evaluation on the course will be done

  • through a series of continuous assessments, which includes critical essays, conceptual papers, literature review and presentations etc., to assess the participants attaining the Course objectives and the learning outcomes and
  • a final examination.

Research Supervision

Appointment of Supervisors

The Board of Study Management in Management Studies and Commerce will appoint in respect of each research student a supervisory committee comprising of two members , of whom at least one shall be from the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura and will nominate any of them to be student’s Senior Supervisor.

In case that student’s Senior Supervisor deems a need of the support of another expert, then expert support can be taken.

Eligibility for Supervision

A person eligible for supervision of a PhD student must possess a PhD from a recognized university with five years of research experience including publications in index / refereed journals.

Research Progress Evaluation

The supervisory committee will review the research work (based on the progress report submitted by the student) and report.

Payments to Supervisors

The supervisory committee of a PhD student is required to provide 180 (2hrs per week * 15 weeks *2 semesters * 3 years) hours of paid supervision, paid @ Rs. 2500/- per hour.

Research Supervision and PhD Seminars

Research activities are governed by the following rules and regulations:

  1. Supervision of Doctoral Research : Each student enrolled in the PhD program shall be assigned an academic supervisor or supervisors (not exceeding three). When there is more than one supervisor one shall be designated as the senior supervisor. An additional supervisor is appointed only when there is a specific requirement for such an appointment.

    The doctoral research shall be consistent with the guidance provided by the academic supervisor/s. A student is required to complete a minimum of 180 hours (180hrs=2hrs*15 weeks*2 semesters*3years) of supervision with his/her supervisor.

    Bi-annual assessment of the student’s progress will be made by the Supervisory Committee (consisting of the supervisor/s, Coordinator Research and the Coordinator of the PhD program). Registration of any PhD candidate whose progress is deemed unsatisfactory may be terminated. Every student will be required to submit a progress report at the end of each semester to the supervisory committee.

  2. Doctoral Research Proposal : Each student registered for M. Phil (and who have successfully completed the compulsory course in Research methodology) is required to present a detailed research proposal by the beginning of the first semester of Year-2 to the Proposal Evaluation Board. Candidates who register for a PhD in Management Studies must present the detailed research proposal at the beginning of the first semester of Year -1. A candidate is given two more attempts to present his/her proposal to the Board. Based on the assessment of performance at the written examinations (for those who are registered for an M. Phil) and the evaluation of the research proposal, candidates may be given the opportunity to pursue either MPhil or PhD degree.

  3. PhD Seminars : Students are required to participate / present progress in three or more seminars at the Ph.D. study level in addition to the seminar at which the PhD proposal is presented. The first such seminar will be held subsequent to the approval of the research proposal but not later than end of Year -2, first semester. Students are required to provide evidence of satisfactory progress of research at each seminar. The final seminar will be held four months prior to the submission of the doctoral dissertation. It will provide an opportunity to review the research outcome and make the required corrections and revisions before final submission.

Eligibility for Defence of the PhD/M. Phil Dissertation

PhD students may submit a formal request to defend the dissertation subject to the following conditions:

  1. Successful completion of recommended courses on Research Methods;
  2. Possession of a valid registration as a doctoral student at the time of submission of the PhD dissertation;
  3. Preparation and submission of PhD dissertation in accordance with the Harvard guidelines. This submission shall be accompanied by a formal declaration that the PhD dissertation represents the original work of the student. Due acknowledgement has to be made in the text of all secondary material used in the dissertation. It should also be accompanied by a recommendation from the principal supervisor indicating the successful completion of the research program and a request for evaluation of the PhD dissertation by the Board of Examiners.
  4. Students at the M. Phil level are eligible for the submission of an M.Phil. dissertation in partial but major fulfilment of the requirements of the M.Phil. degree. The decision to award an M.Phil will be taken at the viva-voce examination conducted by the Board of Examiners.