Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose to study at the Department of Accounting (DA)?

-25 years of experience in pioneering Academic Accounting Education

-The goodwill prevailing for the degree programme both locally and globally

-Over 25 Qualified and experienced Academic Staff

-2 Year Internship in Audit and Corporate sectors

-Over 10 MoUs signed with professional bodies to facilitate the Internship programme and for skills development of the undergraduates

-The maximum number of Exemptions that could be received by a department from the Professional Accounting Bodies

– Student friendly environment

– Medals for outstanding performances

– Department Scholarships


Is there a strong demand for the B.Sc Accounting Special Degree programme?

Yes, there is an increasing demand for this programme which is showcased by the highest number of preferences we receive every year.

What are the basic requirements for admission to the Department of Accounting?

Having completed the G C E advanced level examination in the commerce stream is the basic requirement. For further details, please check the link below.


What is the general phone number and mailing address of the Department of Accounting (DA)?

Refer the contact information via the following link.


How do I find contact information of the department staff and, faculty staff?

The information can be accessed through the following links. – Department of Accounting – Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce


What types of career opportunities are available to graduates?

Many career opportunities are available for the graduates of the B.Sc Accounting Special Degree Programme and all the graduated are employed in the public or private fields either locally or overseas. More information can be acquired through the following link.


Do students have internships and other professional development opportunities?

Students are required to undergo a two-year internship programme and there are other courses which provides plenty of opportunities for the students to improve professional and academic skills. Further information is available under the following link.


Will the program prepare me for professional certification?

Yes, this programme is equipped with sufficient knowledge that will prepare the students for professional certification. Furthermore, the staff is also dedicated to provide ample support for the students to obtain such qualifications.