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Business Economics was introduced as an area of specialization in the B.Sc in Business Administration Degree Programme at the Department of Business Administration in the year 1995. Due to the unprecedented demand it earned, it was developed into the Bachelor of Science Honours in Business Administration in Business Economics (BScHons (Bus Admin) (Bus Ec)) from 2002, a four year fully-fledged degree programme offered by the Department of Business Economic of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, which is currently one of the pioneering degree programmes of this nature in the university system in Sri Lanka.

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Master of Business Economics (MBEc)

The Master of Business Economics; MBEc Programme is a

Master of Science in Business Economics (MSc (BEc))

The M.Sc. programme is a two years Master’s degree

Master of Philosophy in Business Economics (MPhil (BEc))

The MPhil in Business Economics programme is a two

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ECONINSIGHT is an educational supportive program which aims to provide G.C.E. Advanced Level students pursuing economics with valuable insights to enrich their academic journey. Further, it aims to provide necessary educational aid to face the examination confidently, build productive networks and share benefits with the corporate sector. A virtual and physical seminar has been planned […]


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Sri Lankan Journal of Business Economics VOLUME 12 (ISSUE 2) – 2023

Sri-Lankan-Journal-of-Business-Economics-SLJBE-Vol.-12-2-2023-November-Cover-Page-and-Preliminary-Pages SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) Article 01 SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) Article 02 SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) Article 03 SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) Article 04 SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) Article 05 SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) Article 06 SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) Article 07 SLJBE Vol. 12-2 (2023 November) […]

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The Annual General Meeting of BIZCON- 2024

At 11:47 am
By Administrator Department of Business Economics