B.Sc. Honours in Business Administration in Business Economics degree is a fully-fledged four-year degree programme introduced in 2001. Within a short span of time this degree programme has become the forerunning catalyst of academic degree programmes of similar caliber in the university system of Sri Lanka. This degree programme, specifically designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice in Economics, which is directly relevant to the business, aims to mould undergraduates to meet the ever increasing industrial demands in fields of Management and Economics. The degree programme is of four-year duration comprising of a compulsory internship training of six credits that exposes the students to realistic organizational work environment. Students are expected to acquire a high level of industrial and/or public sector training during the programme, that would enable them to attain a momentous level of confidence and competence as undergraduates that would enhance their future employability upon graduation. Further, the degree program consists of a six-credit independent study in Business Economics that would augment the capacity of the students to comprehend the problems inherent to empirical research. This would in-turn assist the students to critically evaluate reported research results, and to appreciate the necessity and importance of the scientific method. The successful completion of the degree programme grants a firm base to the undergraduates, on economic theory and skills in management which will enable them to optimally perform at decision- making process in any given organization. The Department facilitates the development of the undergraduates in areas of research, analysis, communication, teamwork, and decision making to enhance personal, social, and nationwide development.

Graduate Profile

BSc Honours in Business Administration in Business Economics degree programme is a blend of Management and Economics disciplines. A graduate of this degree programme is well equipped with advanced theoretical knowledge of Management and Economics and possesses necessary skills to apply such knowledge in making business decisions and/or in formulating development policies within turbulent environ- ments at local and global level.

Analytical skills, critical thinking, rational decision making, awareness on the current developments and new trends in fields of Management and Economics are some of the root competencies this degree programme cultivates in an undergraduate in a dynamic fashion.

An integral part of the degree programme is the research study which in turn contributes to national as well as global development via disseminating knowledge emerged from researching on contemporary issues.

This degree programme possesses vital attri- butes that would inculcate positive attitudes and approaches within the students throughout the four year period, creating a sound knowledge base that is imperative for a realistic work environ- ment. The students are inculcated with a value system which would support them adapt to any work environment to be successful in their future careers. In order to achieve these goals, the programme is impregnate with special courses that would acquire the directions and expertise of well-versed trainers from the industry.

In summary, the degree programme aims to develop the following attributes of the undergraduate:

  • Knowledge in the generic subject areas of Management and Business Economics
  • Skills in application of knowledge learnt to real life organizations
  • Skills to adapt to changing work environments
  • Skills and competencies in problem solving and critical thinking
  • Competencies in their analytical and communication skills
  • Fine-tuning their soft and interpersonal skills
  • Development of positive attitudes and the mindset
  • Showcase leadership and team working skills
  • Acquisition and application of professionalism into the life
  • Development of a lifelong learning approach to life
  • Set up goals in life and implementing strategies to realise those said goals

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

 At the completion of the BSc Honours in Business Administration in Business Economics degree, a degree holder should be able to:

  • PLO 1: Understand theoretical knowledge and the main aspects in Management and Economics. 
  • PLO 2: Analyze data and make critical judgments based on the theoretical knowledge in Management and Economics in making business decisions and/or in formulating development policies.
  • PLO 3: Explain the current developments and new trends in Management and Economics at local, regional, and global
  • PLO 4: Apply theoretical knowledge of Management and Economics in making business decisions and/or in formulating development
  • PLO 5: Demonstrate managerial skills by taking initiatives, assuming personal responsibilities and demonstrating accountability in the working
  • PLO 6: Solve business and development related problems through constructive and justifiable arguments, creative ideas, and appropriate
  • PLO 7: Undertake further training and development that improve the skills of business level decision making and/or development of policy
  • PLO 8: Engage in independent learning using scholarly sources of information. 
  • PLO 9: Demonstrate positive attitudes, ethical conduct become responsible citizens who are attentive to diversity across the spectrum of differences.

Primary Point of Contact


Department of Business Economics
Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Telephone: +940112802005

Intercom :8811

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