Subject combinations and credit allocations for the respective specialization areas are presented in Tables 1 to 4. According to the tables, all the students enrolled for the M.Sc. programme; both Option A and Option B, would have to cover the same number of credits in the First Year through course work, whereas in the Second Year, students who opted the Option A would have to cover 6 additional credits from course works. Students who selected Option B will earn 15 credits through Overseas Field Works (OFW)/ Domestic Field Works (DFW), workshops and project works in the Second Year. All the students who follow the M.Sc. programme, irrespective of the selected options; A or B, need to complete a research project by the end of the Second Year.

Programme Structure:


  • OFW/DFW, Workshops and Project Works:

The students who selected Option B in the M.Sc. programme would complete a series of OFW/DFW (MBE 6108: Overseas Field Works/ MBE 6109: Domestic Field Works), workshops (MBE 6110: Workshops) and projects work (MBE 6111: Project) during the Second Year. Students should choose either OFW or DFW at the beginning of the Second Year and OFW/DFW accounts for 6 credits of the M.Sc. programme. Additionally, the students will be required to participate at several workshops which will be organised on various themes such as current economic issues, and day to day economic affairs such as budget and policy changes, etc. Students will be able to earn 3 credits by participating at these workshops. Furthermore, the students who selected Option B should complete an individual project by the end of Year Two.

  • Research Project/Dissertation:

The objective of this component is to guide the students to apply underlying principles of research methodology in Business Economics at individual, group and institutional level. Although the research component is common to both options; A and B, the credits allocated are different. The Option A has 24 credits (2400 notional hours) under the research component while Option B has only 15 credits (1500 notional hours). Under the Option A students are required to complete this component at a standard equivalent to a Dissertation (MBE 6201: Dissertation and viva) and the research area should be selected from the student’s respective specialization area. However, under the Option B students can select a research topic from any of the areas covered under their previous courses (MBE 6202: Research Project). The research will be carried out under the guidance of senior supervisors who have obtained expertise and experience in the relevant field of study.