The Business Administration Degree has a history of more than fifty years as the pioneering and leading Degree programme in the field of Business Management in Sri Lanka. It has earned much popularity and recognition from its inception. Formal studies in Business Administration at University level in Sri Lanka commenced in 1959/1960 under the Department of Economics, Business and Public Administration at the then Vidyodaya University. This Department was reconstituted as the Department of Management Studies in 1968. In 1980, the Department of Management Studies was split into two separate Departments, namely, Department of Business Administration and Department of Public Administration under the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce.

The Department of Business Administration is the pioneer in introducing the first Management Degree in Business Administration in Sri Lanka. Commencing from the academic year 2001/2002, the long existed and continually grownup Degree programme in Business Administration was completely redesigned to produce high quality versatile Management graduates to meet the expanding socio-economic development potentials of the country with a multi-disciplinary perspective..

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Senehesara to the Beach – Beach Cleanup Project

“Senehesara to the Beach“, the second phase of the Senehesara social services project series organized by the Students’ Association of Business Administration of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura was successfully held at the Panadura beach on 12th November 2022 with the participation of members of the association. For this, Eko Plasco, and Eco Spindles joined […]


Why we are Unique?


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Our Strategic Intent

The strategic intent of the Department of Business Administration is to produce total quality versatile management graduates who would. contribute immensely towards socioeconomic advancement as visionary and innovative strategy-oriented leaders in successfully initiating and managing business organizations towards superior performance with an entrepreneurial insight, enterprise-wide focus and ethical spirit.


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Our study programmes integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines while focusing on critical perspectives; the curricula have been developed in a way that widely encourages students’ creativity and innovation, leadership and strategy orientation. Hence, the core courses of the degree programme include interdisciplinary subject such as Organisational Behaviour, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management, Organisational Culture and Leadership, Strategic Management and Organisational Change and Development etc. with a view to produce a generalist in management. Hence, the unique identity of our department is to mould versatile management graduates who would perform as visionary and transformational strategy oriented leaders to successfully initiate and manage any local or international business organisation towards superior performance with an entrepreneurial flavour and enterprise-wide focus