Third Undergraduate Research Day 2020 – Department of Entrepreneurship

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Third Undergraduate Research Day 2020 – Department of Entrepreneurship

The third undergraduate research day of the department of entrepreneurship was held successfully held on the 25th of June 2020 adopting an online platform via Zoom. Accordingly, DoE records history of FMSC by being the first-ever online undergraduate research day of FMSC.

The above event was organized under the guidance of Dr. M.V.S.S. Udaynaga, Head of the Department and Dr. R.N. Weerasinghe, senior lecturer of DoE as the advisory panel of the event and the academic coordinators included Mrs. P.T.D. Liyanage, lecturer(probationary) of DoE and Ms. D.C.H. De Silva, lecturer (temporary) of DoE.

The event was graced by the Vice-Chancellor, Snr. Prof. Sudantha Liyanage and Dean of FMSC, Prof. P.D. Nimal. Moreover, the participants included members of the panel of lecturers from other departments of the FMSC.

The most awaiting item of the agenda was the keynote speech, which was delivered by the first Ph.D. holder of the DoE, Dr. H.K.G.S. Ranasinghe, senior lecturer of the DoE. She is a proud product of the Open University of Sri Lanka where she passed her Bachelor of Management with a First Class from the Department of Management Studies at OUSL and attained her M.Sc. in Organizational Management from the Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture of the University of Peradeniya. Thereafter, she obtained her Ph.D. from Management and Science University (MSU) of Malaysia. Thus, she added many insights and thought-provoking guide to the audience which inspired our young researchers on reaching high on the research ladder.

The panel of reviewers of the event consisted of eminent academic members of both USJ as well as other state universities. Thus, Snr. Prof. H.D. Karunarathne, senior lecturer of Department of Business Economics of the University of Colombo, Prof. P.J. Kumarasinghe, senior lecturer of Department of Business Economics- USJ, Dr. M.V.S.S. Udayanga, Dr. R.N. Weerasinghe and Dr. H.K.G.S. Ranasinghe from DoE. Codexea Pvt. Ltd. owned by a Mr. Danuka Perera, a graduate of DoE was the graphic designer and technological partner of the event.

The event consisted of two main sessions, i.e. research presentation sessions and a poster presentation session. Thereby, the research presentation sessions created a platform for five researchers to publish their undergraduate research findings along with their respective supervisors, while the poster presentation session enabled the existing final year undergraduate of DoE to obtain valuable suggestions for their on-going research study.