Postgraduate Diploma / M.Sc

in Applied Finance


Postgraduate Diploma and M.Sc. in Applied Finance are practitioner- and career-oriented degree programmes specially designed for recent finance graduates and professionals in the early stages of their finance careers in the corporate sector and finance related industries. These postgraduate degree programmes are conducted by the Department of Finance.

The main objective of these programs is to produce graduates with sound knowledge in applied finance. After completing these programs, the students will be able to:

  1. Identify, analyse, interpret, and critically assess financial problems and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles of finance
  2. Analyse the global trends in finance, risks and challenges of financial management and markets and make optimum investment and finance decisions
  3. Apply the techniques necessary to analyse and interpret data in financial practice and investments
  4. Solve problems in corporate finance and financial markets, including those involving derivative assets and the operation of the markets
  5. Make optimum corporate finance decisions and apply finance strategies in financial markets
  6. Conduct research, generate new knowledge and contribute the society by dissemination of knowledge

 Programme of Study

The program of study includes two years. The first year consists of nine courses including electives. Each course carries three or four credit hours per week and fifteen sessions in a semester. Upon completion of the first year the student may obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Finance or proceed to the M.Sc. in Applied Finance degree program. The M.Sc. in Applied Finance degree program consists of six courses in the first two terms. In the third term student have the option of submitting the dissertation or studying for four credit courses. Those who select dissertation option should complete the dissertation within a five months period. On successful completion of both years the student is awarded M.Sc. in Applied Finance degree.


Prof. Dr. Chandana Gunathilaka


Tel: +94 112 75 88 78 / 0115 93 50 64
Extension: 8878

Academic Staff

Internal Faculty

  1. Snr Prof. Dr. K.D. Gunawardene, PhD
  2. Prof. Dr. Y. K. Weerakoon Banda, PhD
  3. Prof. Dr. KLW Perera, PhD
  4. Prof. Dr. RPCR Rajapakse, PhD
  5. Snr Prof. Dr. DBPH Dissabandara, PhD
  6. Prof. Dr. Chandana Gunathilaka, PhD, FCA
  7. Ms. S Ilumbetenna
  8. Prof. Dr. MD Pushpakumari, PhD
  9. Prof. Dr. Hilary E Silva, PhD
  10. Dr. MSS Perera, PhD
  11. Prof. Dr. AAJ Fernando, PhD, FCA
  12. Dr. PJS Fernando, PhD
  13. Dr. NS Nanayakkara, PhD
  14. Dr. CMC Silva, PhD
  15. Dr. MAK Sriyalatha, PhD
  16. Dr. R Weerasinghe, PhD

Visiting Faculty

  1. Prof. Dr. HD Karunarathne, PhD, University of Colombo
  2. Mr. SNBMW Narayana, Senior Management, Peoples Bank
  3. Mr. Sugath Alwis, CFA, Financial Analyst, Fitch Ratings
  4. Mr. DMUN Dissanayaka, Managing Director, CBC Finance Ltd
  5. Mr. C Hathurusinghe, Finance Manager, Dilmah Ceylon Tea
  6. Prof. Dr. Jayantha Dewasiri, PhD, Sabaragamuwa University
  7. Mr. Hemantha De Silva, FCA, Finance Manager, DRH Logistics
  8. Ms. Ranmalee Jayasuriya, Manager, Union Bank
  9. Dr. Wanniarachchige, PhD, University of Ruhuna

Other Important Info