The total course fee of Rs. 400,000/- can be paid either in full, or 60% first. In case you pay 60% of the fee, the total payable at the time of registration will be:

Course Fee – 60% Rs. 240,000.00
Registration Fee Rs. 5,000.00
Library Fee Rs. 5,000.00
Library Refundable Deposit Rs. 5,000.00
Total Rs. 255,000.00


Please note that the balance fee of Rs. 160,000/- should be paid before the commencement of year II.

The fees can be paid online or to any branch of the People’s Bank to credit Collection Account of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Please visit link to pay online or to obtain Collection Account number.

Period of Registration

The period of registration is one academic year for the Postgraduate Diploma and two academic years for the Mater of Applied Finance from the effective date of registration.

Renewal of Registration

Student who has not completed all the requirements of the program, for which he is registered, within the period of registration may be extended his registration for  further three academic years on the recommendation of the Board of Study in Management Studies and Commerce upon receiving a request from him under circumstances acceptable. In formal, such a request can be made one month before the expiry date of registration. However, in such a case, applicant must pay new registration fee if it differs from the initial registration fee.

The number of years permitted for renewals is three. The maximum period of study for the program is five academic years from the date of first registration.

Deferment of Registration

When a student’s registration is deferred on the recommendation of the Board of Study in Management Studies and Commerce upon receiving a special request from a student under  circumstances acceptable  the following additional fees shall be payable:

  • The difference between the two registration fees
  • The relevant course fees.

Refund Policy

Fees will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances. Registration fees will not be refunded. A refund of course fees will be given where the fee has been paid but no study materials have been dispatched. Any refund will be subject to an administrative charge determined by the Faculty.

The program is offered on a full-time basis with one intake per year. All courses are presented in regular three-hour or four-hour classes, together with some periods of intensive teaching. An integral part of the program is a regular series of lectures, workshops and seminars.

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