Welcome to the Department of Information Technology

The information systems discipline focuses on the use and the application of information and communications technologies (ICT) in the government, business and the society. Knowledge about information systems is now regarded as a core literacy requirement in the modern business environment. In addition, a very good understanding of the capabilities, issues and the risks associated with information systems is demanded as an essential skill for almost all managerial positions in the modern workplace.  Succeeding as an innovative manager the understanding of how and where to use information systems, communications technology and knowledge management strategies are essential. These skills are not negotiable for modern businesses.

The Department of Information Technology is committed to prepare students with the applied technology, core business and communication skills needed to compete in a technology-driven corporate world. The Department offers a globally competitive four-year special degree in Business Information Systems. The degree provides an opportunity to enhance knowledge of information technology and business management practices in order to lead technical initiatives within an organization.