Registration for the end examinations of the second semester – 2020

Registration for the end examinations of the second semester – 2020

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The students who wish to apply for the above exam should follow the time table given below.

1. Online Registration for the End Exam (Medical, With Privilege and Repeat Students Only)

Registration Period 2020.07.30 to 2020.08.17

First time students need not apply for the above exam. However, they should get themselves registered for the elective courses at the commencement of the semester.

2. Repeat Payment Voucher Submission 

                        Voucher Submission    Date     : 28th August 2020

                        Time    : 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

                        Place   : At the main entrance of the University

3. Examination Fees (For Repeat Students Only)

                        For one semester (3 or more courses)                      Rs. 200/-

                        For one course                                                               Rs. 30/-

Examination fees can be deposited to the account number (097-1-001-6-2315454), at any branch of the People’s Bank, The University copy of the receipt should be handed over to the Counter. Fees(Cash) should not be handed over to the Examinations Unit or to any external party.


  • When applying for courses, you have to apply separately for each year. The university copies of the receipts should be handed over personally to the Counter. (Not to be posted)
  • Students should be registered for the particular academic year before applying for the end semester Examinations.
  • To register for the End Semester Examination online, please access the web site of the Examinations Unit, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. ( )
  • This voucher submission will only be granted in keeping with the health and safety measures stated on the circular issued by the government. Therefore, you are requested to follow the emergency laws and quarantine rules and regulations when attending to the same.

Senior Assistant Registrar / FMSC