Details of the Common Programme

All the students who are enrolled in the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (except for some exceptions in the case of the B.Com (Special) Degree Programme, B.Sc. Estate Management and Valuation (Special), and B.Sc. Management (Public) (Special) Degree Programme) are required to follow a common curriculum (common programme) in management in the first year of study. This is intended to provide the core business knowledge by teaching basic concepts in all functional areas in business.

The FMSC has appointed a coordinator for the common programme to assist First Year undergraduates with their academic concerns and support them in obtaining student welfare and other university facilities by liaising and/or coordinating with relevant departments/parties as and when required. In addition, the FMSC has also appointed course coordinators for each course offered in Semester I of the common programme to assist the undergraduates with their academic concerns regarding the respective courses.

Further, if any undergraduate needs to contact the Common Programme Coordinator and/or the Course Coordinators personally, he/she may contact the coordinators via email. The details of the Common Programme Coordinator and the respective Course Coordinators are as follows.

Dr. (Mrs.) Udayangani Thalgaspitiya
Senior Lecturer and Coordinator - Common Programme
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (071) 121 4966 S.Wickramasuriya
Coordinator of DSC1370 (071) 847 7639

Mr. L.K.R.D. Kulawardhana
Coordinator of COM1170 (071) 536 3888

Mr. Prabhasara Athurupane
Coordinator of ITC1370 (071) 231 0821

Mr.W.G.T.S. Senanayaka
Coordinator of PUB1270 and PUB1370 (071) 366 9465

Ms. W.R.M.S. Shanika
Coordinator of LAW1270

Mr. I.A. Kavirathna
Coordinator of BCC1370 (071) 651 1588

Mrs. V.H. Samarasinghe
Coordinator of BUS1370 (071) 736 2716
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