Faculty English Day 2015

English Day 2015 was held with the participation of the 1st year undergraduates of the FMSC with the objective of creating awareness among the students of the importance of English as a life skill. This includes inter-class competitions among the 26 English Groups of the 1st year students. It is our belief that the students would reap the best out of this opportunity.

A substantial percentage of our students particularly those who enter the university from underprivileged areas, would perform much better had their communication skills in the English language been at a higher level. This view has been expressed strongly and convincingly by our students, academic staff as well as employers on many occasions.

Exposure and practical usage of language are essential in mastering the second language proficiency. An English Day is a platform for the students to get the expected exposure in the English language as they get the opportunity to participate in various competitions in the English medium.

The Competitions

  1. Speech (Individual)
  2. Spelling (Individual)
  3. Loud Reading (Individual)
  4. Role Play (Group)
  5. Advertising (Pair)
  6. Spontaneous Acting (Individual)
  7. Composing Poetry (Open for everybody)

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