Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce has 12 academic departments that offer 12 unique undergraduate Special Degree Programmes in the management and accounting disciplines. The Faculty also conducts postgraduate programmes including MBA, MSc, and PhD programmes, external general degree programmes, certificate courses and diploma programmes in the fields of management and accounting. We introduce, revise and update these programmes in order to cater current educational, industrial, corporate and public sector requirements in the local and global levels.

A Panel Discussion on the

Map of Meaning

Create work worth doing, organisations worth having and a life worth living

“The Map of Meaning is a tool which anyone of any age can use to make practical changes in life despite the current situation, and changes in organizations – despite the power dynamics. It is a tool that can be used to find purpose every day. You can use it to create meaningful work, a meaningful workplace and to most certainly transform your relationships. We can all use it to create among us a meaningful society that breeds consciousness since a conscious society nurtures a sustainable tomorrow.”

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Drop a line at cssbm@sjp.ac.lk, visit http://mgt.sjp.ac.lk/cssbm/ for further details

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