Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce has 12 academic departments that offer 12 unique undergraduate Special Degree Programmes in the management and accounting disciplines. The Faculty also conducts postgraduate programmes including MBA, MSc, and PhD programmes, external general degree programmes, certificate courses and diploma programmes in the fields of management and accounting. We introduce, revise and update these programmes in order to cater current educational, industrial, corporate and public sector requirements in the local and global levels.

13th International Conference on Business Management

The ICBM – 2016, organized for the 13th consecutive year on the theme ‘Quality Management and Productivity’, focuses on broad issues and praxis of contemporary productivity and quality management. The purpose of this annual event is to extend the frontiers of current knowledge on a selected theme through the dissemination and discussion of research findings which will ultimately contribute to the betterment of society. The ICBM conferences have attracted academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers from a wide range of disciplines and over a decade the ICBM has become the flagship research conference of the FMSC in its untiring effort to contribute towards the social development and prosperity of the region. For more details, Visit http://icbm.sjp.ac.lk


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Snehadara 2016

The Department of Finance embarked on the annual field study tour to Kosgala, Kahangama, Rathnapura on 15th and 16thOctober 2016. As a part of the field trip the annual CSR project “Snehadara” was launched... READ MORE