MSc in Management Programme – SLQF Level 10

Course CodeCourseNo. of Credits
Pre-requisite (Week 01 & 02)Academic Writing & Study Skills (See Note 01)
Year I – Semester I
MBA 50301Accounting for Management03
MBA 50302Economics for Management03
MBA 50303Management03
MBA 50304Marketing Management03
MBA 50305Quantitative Techniques for Managers03
Year I – Semester II
MBA 50306Finance for Business03
MBA 50307Managing Business Operations03
MBA 50308Managing Human Resources03
MBA 50309Management Information Systems03
MBA 50310Organisational Behaviour03
Total No. of Credits for Year I30
Year II – Semester I
MBA 60301Research Methods03
MBA 60302Strategic Management03
Any two (02) elective courses available in Semester I (See Table 01)04
Year II – Semester II
MSC 62103MSc Thesis21
Total No. of Credits for Year II31
Total No. of Credits of the Degree Programme61

Table 01: List of Elective Courses Offered in Year II-Semester I of MSc in Management Programme

S. No.CourseNo. of Credits
1MBA 60201: Accounting Information Systems Management02
2MBA 60202: Contemporary Issues in Corporate Reporting02
3MBA 60203: Big Data Analytics02
4MBA 60204: Business Intelligence and Databases02
5MBA 60205: Data Management and Visualization02
6MBA 60206: Information Law02
7MBA 60207: Digital Strategy & Innovation02
8MBA 60208: IT Project Management02
9MBA 60209: Advanced Corporate Finance02
10MBA 60210: Financial Analysis and Planning02
11MBA 60211: International Financial Management02
12MBA 60212: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management02
13MBA 60213: Counselling Skills for Managers02
14MBA 60214: Human Resource Development02
15MBA 60215: Human Value Management02
16MBA 60216: Labour Management Relations02
17MBA 60217: Logistics and Supply Chain Management02
18MBA 60218: Operations Planning and Control02
19MBA 60219: Quality Management in Supply Chain02
20MBA 60220: Consumer Behaviour02
21MBA 60221: Data Driven Marketing02
22MBA 60222: Integrated Marketing Communication02
23MBA 60223: Services Marketing02
24MBA 60224: Applied Business Law02
25MBA 60225: Business, Government and Society Relations02
26MBA 60226: Development Economics02
27MBA 60227: Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation02
28MBA 60228: International Business Management02
29MBA 60229: Managing for Productivity & Quality02
30MBA 60230: Organisational Change and Development02

Special Note:

  • Please note that the final list of elective courses to be offered in Year II Semester I will be determined based on the student demand for the courses (i.e. if an elective course is to be offered in an academic year, at least ten (10) students should enrol in the respective course).

M.Sc. Programme Old

MSc Program
Year 1 Term I Year 2 Term I
MMS 5101 Management MMS 6101 Strategic Management
MMS 5102 Economics for Management MMS 6102 Research Methods
MMS 5103 Quantitative Techniques for Management   One course from any offered courses of the term
Year 1 Term II Year 2 Term II & Term III
MMS 5201 Accounting for Management MSc Thesis with 21 credits
MMS 5202 Human Resources Management
MMS 5203 Operations Management
Year 1 Term III
MMS 5301 Financial Management
MMS 5302 Marketing Management
MMS 5303 Management Information Systems
MMS 5304 Organizational Behaviour