The Legal Studies Unit of University of University of Sri Jayewardenepura was established on 21st May,2014 attached to the Department of Commerce  in response to the need of advancing knowledge of law and regulatory system of university undergraduates. Providing an efficient service , since 6th November 2017 the Legal Studies Unit is operative as a separate independent unit directly under the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce.The unit has a strong network with links to the business and industry and the legal field while being home to renowned legal academics and professionals in Sri Lanka.

We, as the Legal Studies Unit envisage producing students with sound logical thinking , good ethical and moral standards and learning the law will yield students who respect the law and order of the country , also who has the ability to minimize and resolve legal disputes in their occupations as well as their day-today life.

Currently the Unit caters to the legal studies requirements of the FMSC, offering courses such as Legal Environment, Business Law/Commercial Law, Corporate Law, and Legal Aspects in Marketing and provides many other facilities within and outside the University. The programmes are aimed to impart a solid grounding in the fundamental legal concepts and statutory controls in a business and social context.

In addition to the FMSC the LSU also extends its services to the legal studies requirements of the other faculties in their respective sphere of studies. Apart from the services extended to the internal Degree programmes, the Unit also fulfills the legal studies aspects of the External Degree programmes offered from the University. Furthermore, LSU also assists in numerous administrative related activities such as making policy documents, by providing necessary legal assistance where necessary.

The unit currently caters for more than 1200 undergraduates of the FMSC in a semester, while being active in promoting and encouraging undergraduate extracurricular activities and skill development. The external links and relationships are utilized for the benefit of the undergraduates through organisation of guest lectures. Following a holistic approach towards legal studies the unit attempts to instill in the undergraduates a keen sense of critical analysis and logical thinking, which are cornerstones of legal thinking.