“Classic” 6th Volume was launched

“Classic” 6th Volume was launched

The Sixth volume of “Classic” magazine was launched on 23rd of August 2017 at the Reading Hall in Sumangala Building, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. This is one of main academic activities of the Association of Public Administration (APA) and this magazine has been published for last several years continuously.  The students, Academics, Alumnus, School Children and many other parties have published their articles including subject related matters, contemporary themes, research findings and creative works in this magazine. The Association plans to distribute the magazine to the public libraries and school libraries of country. Two reputed alumnus of the Department of Public Administration, Mr. A. Sarath De Silva (The former General Manager, Bank of Ceylon) and Dr.W.A. Wijewardene (The former Deputy Governor, Central Bank) participated as the Chief Guests of the event. This event was remarked as another successful milestone of the Department fulfilling one of prime duties of disseminating knowledge to the community.

At the same occasion a talent show of the students of Department of Public Administration was held demonstrating the excellent performances of the students including dramas, dancing events, songs, and various other performance. Audience were delighted with the students’ performance

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