The B.Sc. Public Management (Special) Degree Programme has its roots in the B.Sc. Public Administration (Special) Degree, which the Department conducted earlier.  That had the distinguishing element of revolving around the principal components of the field of Public Policy & Administration; Development Administration, Public Sector Economics, Constitutional and Administrative Law, International Relations, Local Government and Rural Development.

An interdisciplinary approach was, however, present through courses in Management Studies including subjects such as Management Process, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management as well as through a host of other courses in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Computing and Information Systems.   Recent changes have made it possible for students to specialize in some areas so as to be able to enhance their own marketability.


The programme attempts to integrate Management and Administration theories with the realities of policy formulation and implementation, and is structured to provide a foundation that is intensive, wide in scope   and multidisciplinary in nature.  It is aimed at developing students’ knowledge and managerial skills required in both public and private sector organizations. Thus, this programme is designed to equip students with the skills needed to apply this managerial knowledge to real world decision-making in the capacity of professional managers and Administrators in both public and private sector institutions.

Internal Degree Programme News

Undergraduate Research Day 2020

The Department of Public Administration organized its Undergraduate Research Day (URD) for the fifth consecutive year on the 23rd of March 2021. It was conducted in blended delivery method since some of the participants joined physically and others participated online.  Ten (10) research papers were selected through a  blind review process and the presented papers were […]


Primary Point Of Contact

Department of Public Administration,
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce
University of Sri Jayawardenepura

Telephone: +94 112 802006
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Employment opportunity

A degree in public administration is a stepping stone which prepared students for better career options focusing mainly on government Ministries, Departments, Corporations, and Authorities, Local government institutions, Research Institutions, project-based organizations, universities, Banks and private sector as well. Former students have successfully occupied within a wide variety of national and international organizations both in public and private sector. Thus, many eminent positions of the country are gorgeously bearded by the graduates of the Department.


Maximum Intake
Maximum intake is 75 students.
Length of the Degree Program
Four (04) Academic Years. An academic year consists of two semesters, consisting 15 weeks each.
Course Load
120 credits covered within a period of 1800 contact hours.