Ms.  P.I. Anuradha

Ms. P.I. Anuradha


B.Sc. Mgt. (Public) (Special) (SJP), Msc in Management(USJP)
Teaching interest
Project Management. Development Economics, Political Environment
Research interest
Policy implementation, Public Administration, Development Economics, Rural Development

  • An Analysis of Environment Policy in Sri Lanka: A Sustainable Development Perspective. International conference on ‘Economic Reforms, Growth, and Sustainable Development: Changing role of Institutions’, Central University of Kerala, India.(2015)
  • A Policy Framework for Poverty Reduction in Sri Lanka: The Governance Approach. International conference on Public Policy and Governance in the era of Globalization, Central University of Kerala, India.(2014)
  • Democracy; against to the myth of putting people first. Classic Magazine, Issue 111, Nov.2014
  • Case study of National Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, International conference on Business Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, (2013)
  • Are Leaders born or made? Daily News, 8th Oct.2013

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