2021 Volume 07 Number 02

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Editors’ Note

The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Performance: The Mediating Role of Employee Engagement in Selected Porcelain Manufacturing Companies in Sri Lanka (pp.1 – 16)
B.L.L.A. Balasuriya and G.D.N. Perera

Stock Price Reaction to the Stock Splits Announcement of Listed Companies in Colombo Stock Exchange (pp. 17 – 33)
W. S. S Soyza, K. A. S. S. Kodithuwakku and S.M.R.K. Samarakoon

Factors Affecting the Implementation of Environmental Management Accounting Practices through New Institutional Sociology Perspective: A case of an Apparel Manufacturer in Sri Lanka (pp. 35 – 68)
K.A.T. Nethsarani and D.N. Samudrage

Making Intellectual Property a Common Good to Combat Global Pandemics and the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP): Responding the Challenges Exerted by Big Pharma and Some High-Income Countries (pp. 69 – 99) 
A.A.C.J Adikari and Sanath Sameera Wijesinghe

Exploring Buddhist Teachings and Spirituality in Female Entrepreneurs’ Business Decisions in Sri Lanka: The Foundational Role of the Five Precepts (pp. 101 – 129) 
L.E.A.N. Perera and H.A.K.N.S.Surangi

Conceptualizing the relationship between Spiritual and Entrepreneurial Orientation in developing sustainable enterprises (pp. 131 – 154) 
Eshani Wickramasekera, I. K. Peiris and R. Ulluwishewa

Impact of Inflation Targeting Policy Framework of Countries between the Period of 2009-2019 (pp. 155 – 176) 
Ananda Rathnayake

Disability in the Workplace: Legal Barriers Affecting Human Resources Management Practices and Workplace Accommodation for the Persons with Disabilities in Sri Lanka – A Review of Literature (pp. 177 – 203) 
M. A. N. Chandratilaka and Prasadini Gamage


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