Submit Manuscript

There are a number of key steps you should follow to ensure a smooth submission. Before submitting your work, it is your responsibility to check that the manuscript is complete, grammatically correct, and without spelling or typographical errors. 

Submission process

Submission to this journal can be done online. Make sure that you are guided stepwise through the process to uploading of your files. Online Submission.
You will receive an automated email from the journal editor, confirming your successful submission.
Additionally, a duly completed electronic copy of your manuscript can be forwarded to
Manuscripts can be submitted throughout the year.

Post submission

Review and decision process

Each submission is checked by the editor. At this stage, they may choose to decline your manuscript if it doesn’t fit the journal aims and scope, or if they feel the language/manuscript quality is too low.

If they think it might be suitable for publication, they will send it to at least two independent referees for double blind peer review.  Once these reviewers have provided their feedback, the editor may decide to accept your manuscript, request minor or major revisions, or decline your work.

During this period, we will send you updates on the progress of your manuscript via email. Each time we contact you, we will quote the manuscript number you were given at the point of submission.

If your submission is accepted

Once an article is accepted for publication in the Journal, the author should submit the final/amended version in MS-Word format to the same e-mail addresses:
Once an article is submitted, the author/s cannot submit the same manuscript to another journal without getting the withdrawal permission from the chief editors of the Journal.


All accepted authors are sent an email with a link to a copyright form.  This should be checked for accuracy, for example whether contact and affiliation details are up to date and your name is spelled correctly, and then returned to us electronically. Note that your manuscript cannot be published until we receive the copyright form from all authors.

Editing and Proofing

Once we have received your completed copyright form, you are asked to exercise language editing. Authors are responsible for exercising language editing by professional editing bodies. VJM will provide the list of language editors as per the requirement of authors.
Next, the article will pass directly into the production process. We will carry out editorial checks, copyediting, and typesetting and then return proofs to the corresponding author. This is the final opportunity to correct any incorrect author details.
When the page proofs are finalised, the fully typeset and proofed version is published online. This is referred to as the EarlyCite version. While an EarlyCite article has yet to be assigned to a volume or issue, it does have a digital object identifier (DOI) and is fully citable. It will be compiled into an issue according to the journal’s issue schedule, with papers being added by chronological date of publication.