Field Visit – 2019

A field visit was organized by the Department of Decision Sciences on 16th,17th and 18th August 2018. The second year undergraduates and the lecturers of the department were fortunate to visit “Mihila” – Hirdaramani Factory in Agalawatta, Damro Tea Factory in Labukele and New Zealand Farm in Ambewela. This was organized as a partial requirement of DSC 2342 Supply Chain Management course in order to enhance the undergraduates’ knowledge on practical applications of Supply Chain Management related techniques in Sri Lanka through observation. The support given by Mr Layan Jayathilaka, Deputy General Manager of “Mihila” – Hirdaramani Factory in Agalawatta and Mr Mahesh, the Manager of Damro Tea Factory in Labukele to make the field visit a success must be mentioned as an appreciation.