Innovators Day 2016

Innovators Day 2016

The Department of Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura was established on 18th October, 2010 mainly focusing on generation of “Job Creators”, the entrepreneurs, rather than generation of “Job Seekers”. Thus, it is the first such an academic department in the Sri Lankan University System offering a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and a Degree in B Sc. in Entrepreneurship. In addition to these two main degree programs we offer the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship through our Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs, opening formal education especially for the people who missed the opportunity to enter into the universities. The Department has understood this national requirement and set the strategic intent, “To Establish an Entrepreneurial Culture in Mother Lanka.”

The Department is planning to organize an exhibition with the name of ‘Innovators Day 2016’ on 14th of February 2016, for the purpose of encouraging innovation among young and new entrepreneurs specially addressing the national need and issues in SMEs. This is the initial step of inculcating an innovative culture among the students in the university and then it is expected to expand the program to the national level. We plan to exhibit and illustrate new ideas, new products, new processes and new business models which will lead to successful and impactful commercial innovation in the future. It is expected to exhibit 100 innovations approximately with the participation of over an audience of over thousand.. Through carrying out this massive event, the Department expects to fulfil the responsibility of encouraging young and enthusiastic people to realize their innovative dreams through appreciating and encouraging their ideas.

It is estimated that the total cost of the event around is around 1 million with financial awards for the wining innovation projects/ideas. The department expects to cover these expenses through sponsorships of the interested stakeholders representing established firms, related government institutions and any other party interested in promoting an entrepreneurial and innovative culture.


We are expecting to provide you following opportunities to join hands with us for mutual benefits;

Exhibit your products /services and sell in a stall        – Contribution Rs. 25,000

Display your advertising banner/materials                  – Contribution Rs. 10,000

Print your advertisement in souvenir book                  –  Full page  Rs. 5000

– Half page Rs. 2500


Bank Account Details:

Account Number:       097100140006656

Account Name:           CEFEN Students’ Wing

Department of Entrepreneurship, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

 Bank /Branch:            Peoples’ Bank, Wijerama


It is expected to continue this program annually and scale up this to national level from next year onwards. This will undoubtedly be an immense opportunity for the leading organizations in Sri Lanka to join their hands with an unparalleled higher education center in Asia which will benefit both the organizations and the nation as a whole.

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