Entry Qualifications

  • Three passes at GCE(A/L) Examination
  • or – Successful completion of C EBM
  • or – Any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the FMSC and the Senate of the¬†University

Diploma in Entrepreneurial Business Management – (D EBM):

Diploma in Entrepreneurial Business Management (D EBM) intends to give the participants a wide thorough knowledge relating to the fields of Entrepreneurship and Management. This program is highly recommended for those who have received a formal education in the field of Business Management. The knowledge given at the C EBM level will be further sharpened at this stage.

Code Course Title Credit Contact Hours
Semester 1
DEBM 1301 Entrepreneurship, and SMEs 03 45
DEBM 1302 Marketing Management 03 45
DEBM 1303 Human Resource Management 03 45
DEBM 1304 Banking for Entrepreneurs 03 45
DEBM 1305 Economics for Entrepreneurs 03 45
Semester 2
DEBM 2301 Legal Environment for Entrepreneurs 03 45
DEBM 2302 Operations Management 03 45
DEBM 2303 ICT for Entrepreneurs 03 45
DEBM 2304 Financial Accounting 03 45
DEBM 2305 Project Management 03 45
Total 30 450


Teaching & Learning Methodology:

The programs are completely handled by a panel of well renowned and experienced lecturers of the faculty as well as resource personnel from the industry. Following teaching and learning methods will be used for developing the required knowledge, skills and attitudes.

  • ¬†Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Group discussions and group assignments
  • Practical assignments
  • Oral and written presentations
  • Video films
  • Roleplays
  • Field trips
  • Case studies

Evaluation Methods:

  • Written exams during and at the end of the semesters
  • Project reports and practical assignments
  • In-Class assignments
  • Viva Voce examination at the end of the programs
  • Oral and written presentations

Dates and Time:

Lectures are held on Sundays from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Course Duration:

One Year

Applications are now being called for the 2022 Intake


Ms. Naduni Gunawardane
Coordinator – D EBM
Office: 011-2 758 807, 011 2 758 826
Mobile: 0773268164
Email: nadunirg@sjp.ac.lk