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The Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences was created in 2001. In order to manage degrees in Information Technology and Decisions Sciences, the department was separated to two departments, Information Technology and Decision Sciences in 2007.

The department is responsible for providing students of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce with analytical and problem solving skills through such subjects as Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Operations Research and Operations Management.

The department introduced a degree program on Operations and Technology Management along with its creation in 2007 and the first batch of students were taken in 2008. Current final year is the fourth batch to be passed out with the degree on Operations and Technology Management.

Operations and Technology Management is a very important functional area in Management. It covers key employment opportunities in Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Services Management, Managerial Decision Making and Operations Research. Broader coverage of disciplines provides students with greater opportunities for employment.

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OTMRS 2017

OTMRS 2017

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