HRM is one of the most important functional fields of business administration and is a discipline that gives a competitive advantage to the University. The Degree programme has been named B.Sc. Human Resource Management (Special). The term ‘special’ means a four-year degree denoting the duration. Also it means ‘a degree with independent study/research and practical training’. The degree provides a general understanding of organizational management, competencies in communication, quantitative reasoning and information technology and then increasing specialization in HRM commencing from the second year up to the fnal year. The seven outcomes or goals of the degree programme are to develop:

  1. A graduate who will become a good citizen of Sri Lanka.
  2. A graduate who values excellence, productivity, integrity, expertise and job and business performance.
  3. A graduate who has the potential to become an effective and efficient professional in the field of human resource   management.
  4. A graduate who is a person of good character.
  5. A graduate who can make a significant and unique contribution to human and institutional development in Sri Lanka.
  6. A graduate who has a passion as well as a mental and physical preparedness for continuous learning and self –
  7. A graduate who is special, giving from his/her heart, making the world a better place for those whose lives he/she touches.


Graduate Profile

Our Graduates should be able to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes addressing seven broad domains which are HRM discipline capability, General management capability, Human relation capability, Information technology capability, Communication capability, Personal management capability and Personal quality enhancement capability. The curriculum of the degree program aims to enhance the Knowledge, skills and attitudes of HRM undergraduates in above broad domains and contemporary trends in the field of HRM.