HRM FAMILY is the official name of the Students’ Association of the department. It comprises students in 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. The energetic and enthusiastic undergraduates engage in the association’s activities ranging from a student’s magazine, guest lectures, welcome party and HRM Scintilla Night, HR dialogue, International HR Conference, fund raising activities, to outbound training programmes(HR Ape Iskole).


HR Dialogue



This is the knowledge sharing forum which is blended of academic and professional views in HRM for the benefit with of various stakeholders in the HRM field. The 6th HR Dialogue was held at 14th July 2018 .


International HR Conference

To the purpose of fulfilling the empirical research findings in HRM field, an International conference was introduced by the Department of Human Resource Management, as the pioneer. The 4th International HR Conference was held at 19th August 2017.


HRM Scintilla Night


HRM Scintilla Night is an annual event organized by the HRM family. This is organized to appreciate the HRM internship organizations and to award the best HR Manager and the best HR Executive among the HR graduates. This is the main event which showcases the various managerial and non-managerial skills of the HRM undergraduates.The 5th HRM Scintilla Night was held at 02nd September 2017.

HR Ape Iskole

​‘HR Ape Iskole’ is a programme initiated by the academics and the undergraduates of the Department of Human Resource Management to uplift the talents and skills of the younger generation of our nation. This programme is conducted in the aim of enhancing the leadership and group dynamic skills of the rural children of Sri Lanka who is deprived of such opportunities. ‘HR Ape Iskole’ has so far been an extremely effective and successful endeavour which has been able to encourage and mould the young generation of our mother Lanka to become the future leaders. The staff and students of the Department of Human Resource Management will continue their way in enriching the talent of our next generation with many more programmes or ‘HR Ape Iskole’.