On successful completion of the programme, students should have:

  1. Gained knowledge, skills ad right attitudes with respect to theory and practice of HRM.
  2. Gained a specialized competence of frameworks for understanding various aspects of HRM and for developing various HRM schemes to address to applied issues in managing people at work.
  3. Obtained a general understanding of organizational management.
  4. Development of range of personal and transferable knowledge and skills with regard to business communication, information technology & computer literacy, interpersonal relations and research; and had experience of applying them to varied situations.
  5. Developed a competence in building a good character.
  6. Learnt how to become a good citizen; a person who values excellence, productivity, integrity, expertise and job & business performance; and a person who can give a significant contribution to human development and institutional development.
  7. Developed ability for continuous learning and self-development.