Employment Opportunities

Presently a high demand exists in business organisations for graduates who can better exploit Information Technology to achieve business goals. The graduates of this degree programme will be able to apply the knowledge to gain competitive advantages for business organisations through the use of Information Technology. A graduate can expect to commence his/her career in a position such as Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, IT Manager, IT Consultant, Knowledge Manager, or Project Manager. Their skills in logical thinking, problem solving and IT applications can also equip them for a more general business career in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Production and Operations Management. With further enhancements of Information Technology skills, a graduate can open up avenues to positions such as Software Developer, Database Administrator and Network Administrator. Graduates of this degree programme have successfully secured sound positions in different disciplines of reputed organisations, both locally and internationally, as envisaged by the department.

Professional Links

The department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft Sri Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., which has enabled the Department to get the membership of the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance Programme. Under this programme, students of the department are provided with selected Microsoft Software free of charge for research purposes. The department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Providence Network and Solutions too which has enabled us to get the “abas” ERP software free of charge for the department. The department also maintains close links with several other private sector organizations, which has allowed the department to nominate selected students for industrial placement. Links have also been established with the key Professional Associations which are related to IT Industry.

Employment Opportunity News

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