The inception of the Department of Finance in 2001 was a pivotal moment in the Faculty Restructuring Programme, responding directly to the growing demand for skilled financial experts globally. Rapidly adapting to emerging opportunities, the department introduced a comprehensive B.Sc. Finance degree programme in 2001. This rigorous program encompasses financial, quantitative, and analytical skills, emphasizing decision-making aligned with ethical, regulatory, and sustainability standards. Distinguished by its practical approach, the degree mandates independent research and internships within financial institutions. Affiliated with prestigious bodies like CFA and CISI (UK), the program grants scholarships and exemptions from esteemed institutions. Over two decades, the Department of Finance at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has evolved remarkably, fostering academic excellence and student welfare. With a dedicated team of 19 lecturers, the department actively promotes a research-oriented environment, contributing to national development through collaborations and initiatives like the Student Conference in Finance (SCF) and the Asian Finance Review (AFR). As a beacon of academic prowess, the department nurtures future finance leaders, equipping them with knowledge, skills, and adaptability for global influence.


“Prosper lives through Finance Education”


“We create impactful finance graduates by providing exceptional financial education and fostering critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and innovative financial management skills. We are committed to contributing to the growth and prosperity of organizations and economies through research excellence and financial acumen.”

Strategic Goals

  • Learning and Education – Achieve standards of excellence in learning and education
  • Research and Development – Achieve standards of excellence in pure research and applied research
  • People / Staff – Enhancing the quality, contribution and the wellbeing of academic, non-academic staff
  • Finance – Enhance and optimize financial resources while professionalizing financial management to achieve the other goals
  • Infrastructure – develop infrastructure and professionalize administration
  • Outstanding Student Experience -Create a team spirit and a sense of institutional commitment Among students
  • CSR, National Contribution/ Global Impact – Contribute to public policy formulation and national development.
  • Post Graduate Career Path and Post Graduate Quality Assurance