About B.Sc. Finance (Special) Degree

B.Sc. Finance (Special) degree is one of the specialized degree programmes offered by the FMSC since 2001/2002 academic year.

This degree programme consists of a carefully integrated combination of subjects in the areas of Corporate Finance, Investments and Financial Markets and Institutions. The curriculum is challenging and has been designed to provide the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful in the growing field of Finance. The programme is suited for those who possess a strong competency in Economics, Mathematics and Accounting. Pedagogical methodologies include lectures, case studies, individual and group assignments, presentations, computer practical sessions and seminars. It also incorporates current developments in the field through a guest lecture series that runs throughout the year. Hence, the programme is rich in content and intends to develop capable graduates for a career in Finance.

Further, the programme includes an independent research component providing students an opportunity to learn about contributions made by researches in the field of Finance. This component is designed to enhance the written communication skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, skills to apply theory into practice of the students.

Target Group

Bs.c Finance (special) degree is mainly focused on individuals who process a strong interest in improving analytical skills and financial decision making in business management and capital markets activities.

Objective of the Program

This degree is designed to provide a solid understanding of basic concepts, principles and theories in Finance to facilitate the application of financial theories into practice and to enable students to collect and analyze necessary data critically and creatively to solve problems related to finance.

Program Outcomes

The Bs.c Finance (special) degree programme has been designed to produce graduates in Finance who are capable of meeting the challenges created by the ever growing financial and capital markets locally as well as globally.

Degree Programme News

“Beyond Borders – Exploring the Evolution and Latest Developments in Indian Stock Markets”

The Department of Finance, in proud collaboration with CFA Society Sri Lanka, successfully hosted an educational webinar on exploring the evolution and timely developments in Indian Stock Markets, on the 7th of May, 2024. Over 200 participants, which included lecturers, and undergraduates of the Department of Finance joined the webinar, held via Zoom with a […]


Primary Point Of Contact


Department of Finance
Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Intercom :8327

Other Important Info

Maximum Intake
The annual intake will be limited to150 students.
Length of the Degree Program
Four (04) Academic Years. An academic year consists of two semesters, consisting 15 weeks each.
The Curriculum Structure
120 credits covered within a period of 1800 contact hours.