A Research Centre for Department of Finance was established recently with the intention of fostering finance related research work at the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce. It facilitates to conduct research on academic and national issues related to Finance, enables the Department to forge links with the industry, promotes postgraduate and post-doctoral level research, and encourage visiting scholars to collaborate in research pursuits with the Department.

Main Objective

Establish, encourage, and nurture a rich research culture within and beyond the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Sub Objectives

  1. To promote and produce high-quality Finance research among members of the center
  2. To disseminate research-based knowledge
  3. To encourage national and international scientific cooperation and understanding among members of the center
  4. To generate funds for research and publications of members of the center
  5. To contribute to the national development

Scope and Activities

  1. Creating a rich research culture in the Department of Finance that encourages academic staff and students to carry out high-quality research in Finance, Capital Market studies, and related disciplines.
  2. Conducting Finance and related research.
  3. Maintaining databases required for research.
  4. Conducting programs to develop and enhance the research skills of members.
  5. Disseminating research-based knowledge through scientific publications and research conferences.
  6. Developing national and international scientific cooperation between public and private sectors, national and international scientific institutions and agencies, and the Department of Finance in terms of research and consultancy projects.
  7. Recruiting leading researchers, locally and internationally, as visiting research scholars at the Centre.
  8. Providing consultancy and other support services for research.
  9. Launching a research-based website to promote and facilitate research of members.